Artist: Chen Jingyu/ Roy.XR.Chen/ Ge Yajing/ Liu Jiayu/ Leayoung/ Li Huazhen/ Shi Ji/ Wang Minglei/ You Ada/ Zhang Jiaxing/ Zhang Ji

The Glass Grass Project has joined Common Place to invite more than 10 artists to collaborate on a group exhibition "COMPLEXION"

Complexion is a natural attribute of human beings. The skin acts as the medium of the outer layer of our body, carrying our experience of feelings, memories and growth. It's been with us since our very first experience with the world, it instantly transmits information and signals to the brain. skin is independent, it is brave, it is intelligent. most of all It is inseparable from our body, it is a defensive mechanism from the outside world. It is also a powerful information converter. it gives us all unique skin attributes according to our different growth experience, on top of that, our experience are fermented over time to form an layer of abstract skin, it is naked and true, like painting, recording colors, lights and sounds.

The 10 artists in this group exhibition will capture and reproduce the colors, and materials through the absorption and reflection of the surrounding environment and represent it through the use of paintings, sculptures and installations. Our space will becomes the foundation of all of this, art creation comes from the body, through the skin, extends into the space, and fulfills every corner.

Exhibition period: 02 NOV 19 - 02 FEB 20
Gallery opening hours
Open 10am-6pm daily
Address: 98 Shun Sha Street, Shun Yi District, Beijing, China