「If I May Say - 如果我能说」
Yang Mai: If I May Say
COMMON PLACE is honored to announce that it will present artist Mai Yang's personal project "If I May Say" from July 16th to September 15th, 2021.
Mai Yang’s creation is a response to personal emotions, life experiences, and collective memory. He tries to extract and translate the functional and industrial attributes of things and materials in the inherent social context, rethink their definitions, and integrate individuals at the level of imagination and feeling. The subtle and invisible morphological relationship formed by the mutual reconciliation with the society is reconstructed and shaped with an open artistic language. Sometimes in absurd and cheerful forms, provocations against the concept of systemic behavior and obedience are initiated.
"If I Can Speak" represents the restriction, compliance and authority of clothing on the wearer. However, the arrangement of these expanded shapes also shows that the "body" is freely connected to each other. Whether it is rebellion or obedience, there is another kind of resistance between entanglement and gap: refusal to participate in their original purpose and independence from the human body. Here, aesthetics has become a means to radical freedom: liberation from the liberation that must be filled by the body, and the "Unbodied Society" that demands to be itself.