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"A private collection of found objects and moments."
Founded in 2014. COMMON PLACE is a contemporary avant-garde art space integrating galleries, exhibitions, world fashion and design. For popularization of avant-garde art and fashion.

"The first thing people are willing to collect is time, followed by objects; if you collect objects, you must also collect time." Born in a private factory space on the Sixth Ring Road in Beijing, the destination experience is the origin of COMMON PLACE As far as the concept of pursuit is concerned, it is not a venue or shop attached to a roadside or a commercial complex, and it is not a space that can be entered in a "by the way" or "coincidental" state. Before coming to our place again, there was no previous place; after leaving our place, there was no next place.
add:No.98 Shunsha Road, Zhangxizhuang,Gaoliying, Shunyi, Beijing.