Atelier Hon‘ne

Use the concept of Jin Ji to understand the beauty of life imperfection Life is like porcelain. It can only be formed after constant kneading and firing at thousands of degrees, but it easily breaks in an instant. As the years grow, everyone will always have some gaps or cracks, no matter how hard you try to repair them, they will not be as beautiful as ever. Some people see the gap as a thorn and cannot ignore the faint pain; some people will inject new colors into the crack and let those experiences enrich their lives, just like the brand concept of Atelier Hon’ne. Atelier Hon'ne is a newly established handmade jewelry brand. The principal Savia is also a beginner jewelry designer, but she and her brand have a strong concept. "Hon-ne" means "what a person really believes" or "a person's true feeling" in Japanese. It tells different stories and life concepts through handmade jewelry, and also allows the wearer to wear the accessories. Always remember the meaning behind it, and cherish the stories of yourself or others. When focusing on handmade, she can get rid of other distractions. She described that every time making jewelry is a problem-solving, asking herself questions and challenges, and then looking for different ways to solve the problem, enjoying the process of searching.



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